Friday Feature: Alex Rain Bird Music

Friday Feeling It!

I’ve got that Friday Feeling – and if you listen to this playlist – you will feel it too!!

It’s lunch time on Friday. The office is quiet and I’ve got my headphones on full blast. This playlist – is definitely helping me gear up for the weekend!

If you’re a fan of indie music – then you absolutely must check out Alex Rain Bird music on YouTube. I’ve been a super fan of this channel for a couple of years now and it only fuels my love for indie rock and folk music.

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers
Photo by Andre Furtado on

Alex Rain Bird Music

The Alex Rain Bird Music channel has been around for a long time on YouTube and has 650K subs – that is pretty amazing. Bird’s music channel features a variety of indie music – a mix of indie rock and indie folk.

Individual songs from indie artists are featured in playlist videos like the one I shared above. If you scroll down the description of the video, you’ll see that the artist’s names are matched with a time stamp and a download link.

If you’re an indie artist and you’re looking for exposure – I definitely recommend Alex Rain Bird’s channel. I’ve discovered a lot of great music thanks to playlists like these.

The reason I’m featuring this channel today is simple – Alex Rain Bird has become another victim of YouTube’s demonetization attack on YouTubers. Yes, this is becoming a real problem and I blame the new reporting system. It’s also why I don’t put too much on YouTube.

So please – if you’re a fan of discovering new music, head over to Alex’s channel. You won’t be disappointed. 

Anthem Academy – Wild and Free

Wild and Free is one of those songs that will get you in the mood and ready to gear up for the weekend! Who cares if it’s wet and raining out there. Just get out there and do something with your day! Go and dance like no one is watching! Just be free and have fun! That’s what this song makes me feel like!

Wild and Free is performed by Anthem Academy – I’ve included their links below.

0:00 Anthem Academy — ‘Wild At Heart’…


I’ll be using this blog to promote artists and YouTube channels that I follow and support. Every play, every like – and every share helps to keep the music industry alive.

Support indie artists like me by subbing to this channel – and follow my blog for more music favorites and suggestions.

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Happy Friday – what are you doing this weekend? What kind of music do you listen to get yourself in the  mood?


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