Original Music: Soundscapes (for indie film)

I’m a movie buff – and I love watching a good horror or thriller on a Friday night. I also have a love for movie soundtracks and title themes. I find influence from artists like Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Christophe Beck, Yann Tiersen, James Horner – and many many more.

I’m really excited to connect with filmmakers, producers, and other industry professionals for future collaborations. If you’re looking for soothing or dark and dreamy instrumentals – then you’ve stumbled upon the right blog.

While the quality of YouTube music isn’t 100% – I use Cubase PRO 7.0 to edit all my songs. Files can be transferred via Dropbox for professional editing.

Please check out my YouTube page – it’s newer. I made the mistake of letting my legacy channel go that was verified. I have 9 subs! I need more!

Soundscape 1B – Midnight Whispers

This track is suitable for intro or outro credits of a dark or suspenseful film. For best quality – please listen with headphones.

Soundscape 1B – Foghorn

This 1:11 length track was created using the foghorn sound in combination with several VST instruments.

If you’re looking for dark ambient pieces you may like Chasing Dreams or Absolution – two new pieces I’ve created in recent months. To listen to them – make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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