Announcement: New album coming soon for nature & spa fans.

For many years, I’ve wanted to record a nature album with long-playing tracks for meditation, relaxation or sleep. This type of music is widely popular on YouTube. I’m hoping once I get enough tracks and videos created, I can monetize my channel which is still fairly new.

I’m still mad at myself for deleting my old YouTube legacy channel. I have tried every to get it back. My channel had over 20K views. This was long before YouTube introduced ads and monetization. I even had a verified checkmark next to my name.

One of my old videos, a cover of Greensleeves, had over 30,000 views. In today’s world – that would have been a pretty good chunk of revenue.

As much as I detest ads on YouTube, I know it’s important to support indie musicians like myself. I watch videos I really enjoy over and over again and make sure to play it until the end. There is a lot of great musical content on YouTube.

This weekend, I recorded two pieces for you to enjoy.

Sleep Music 1

This 5 minute track uses the gentle sound of rain as a backdrop combined with soothing piano sounds. This is just the version for YouTube. Once the album is complete, I’ll have the tracks edited for Spotify & Itunes.

I’ve decided that all my music will be sold exclusively on Spotify & Itunes. I don’t trust other sites all that much and publishing to them takes way too long. The downer is that each website has different requirements for quality of audio. This can slow down the editing process. Which as a self-taught music producer – I’m still learning.

Sleep Music 2: 

This track is nearly 10 minutes long and was also created using Cubase. I invested in a really great piano vst instrument through Native Instruments last year and it does create realistic piano sounds. It’s still not as great as owning an acoustic piano – but it’ll do for now.

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of ocean waves mixed with gentle piano music. This music is perfect to listen to while falling asleep, studying, or even if you’re just enjoying a cup of coffee and taking a few moments to relax.

Thanks for listening! Please head over to YouTube to like and subscribe. I’ll be using this blog to keep you updated on latest tracks and musical news.

If you’re a music fan, you should look me up on Spotify. I will be working on playlists for all kinds of moods. I’m a hardcore Bon Jovi & Rob Thomas fan – my preferences are all over the map really. You’re bound to find something you love!

Happy Monday!


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